Istanbul Old City


Istanbul Old City

Istanbul is one of the most magical cities in the world. It is the only city in the world that spans two continents: Europe and Asia. This unique city is divided into two by the incomparable Bosphorus which is a natural strait connecting the sea of Marmara to the Black Sea. The European half of the town is again divided into two by the Golden Horn, a natural harbor and inlet of the Bosphorus. This point where Europe meets Asia embraced many cultures, faiths and ethnic groups. If it weren't for the Bosphorus strait, definitely Istanbul would not be the city that we know today. It is because of this strategic strait that Istanbul has been the crossroads of civilizations. The mighty Byzantine and Ottoman empires ruled over their vast territories from this great city by making Istanbul their capitals. Although the city is not the capital any longer, it is still the commercial, financial and cultural center of Turkey. The city surprises travelers with its numerous churches, mosques, synagogues, palaces, and bazaars. In this beautiful city old juxtaposes with the new. Very few cities in the world can become both modern and ancient at the same time. The city has countless sights, and there are many ways to explore the historical and cultural richness of the city.

Wander through grand mosques, churches, and palaces.

Cruise along the Bosphorus to take the most beautiful pictures of Istanbul's skyline.

Listen to call to prayer in Sultanahmet between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

Take a stroll on the Galata Bridge.

Watch the sunset on a rooftop bar in Galata.

Get a taste of sultan's life and discover the secrets of the harem.

There is no end to '' Things to do list'' in Istanbul. The most important thing is to get lost in charming neighborhoods and discover what the city throws your way